What should the investment portfolio be at different ages?

What should the investment portfolio be at different ages?

Investments are divided into several types. Each of which varies from buy-to-sell, profitability to complexity. Interested beginning investors should thoroughly understand each type of investment basis along with goal setting to be used as a tool to determine the direction and investment model to achieve the desired results. This method is called the “investment portfolio” management.

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In addition to the abovementioned, another matter that a beginning investor should take into account is the “age” of the investor, which becomes an important criterion for assessing the risk tolerance, and also determines the direction of the investment portfolio arrangement to consider how to invest at different ages.

Investment portfolio and age range are important.

The reason why age range and age play an important part in investment is because the age always relates to work status, finance, investment allocation, and the period required to bring investment back for daily expenditures.

How to manage the investment portfolio at each age range?

(Investment portfolio model for each age range)

Investment portfolio for working age: Aged 23 years and above, emphasizing on high-risk investments with growth

At this age, it is one of the best times for investment because it is the beginning of working life and there are not too many burdens of responsibility. Importantly, there is still a lot of time to generate incomes. At the working age, it is ideal for investing in high-risk instruments in the large quantity, such as alternative mutual funds, crypto currency, stocks, etc. However, the investment should be in a group with good foundations and potential future growth. The remaining income should be kept in the form of safe deposits or debt instruments, such as government bonds or debentures, which provide a fixed and preserved interest rate in order to be a reserve in case of an emergency.

Investment portfolio for family age: Aged 30 years and above, emphasizing on creating stable assets

At the age of 31 years and above, it is the time when finances must be strictly organized because it is the period to build a family, which additional expenditures always occur. Although the job is stable and the income increases, expenses are higher as well. When the burden and responsibilities are greater, the risk tolerance will decrease. Investors at this age should reduce their investment proportion in the risk group to a half of the portfolio. In the meantime, they should increase the proportion of deposits and debt instruments. In other cases, they can invest in stable assets with long-term profitability, such as rooms, condominiums, or investment property.

Investment portfolio for stable age: Aged 40 years and above, emphasizing on creating safe deposits or debt instruments

ความแตกต่าง Passive Income และ Active Income ต่างกันแค่ไหน แล้วคุณจะเลือกอะไร?

It is the time when the life reaches the most stable foundation. The salary base increases and financial burden starts to ease. If you comply with the investment plans with discipline since the working age, the stable age is likely to be the period of good and balanced financial position. However, as the age increases, there are a few more years to generate incomes. Therefore, the investment of people at this age emphasizes on keeping money in a safe place, such as deposits or debt instruments. The remaining amount should be divided into long-term investments to increase savings and investments in addition to interest on deposits received.

Investment portfolio for retirement age: Aged 55 years and above, emphasizing on safety and passive assets

ความแตกต่าง Passive Income และ Active Income ต่างกันแค่ไหน แล้วคุณจะเลือกอะไร?

Retirement age is the period when you don’t have any income from work, while some people don’t have much time to generate income. Most people in retirement age will live with their past savings from work and investment. Although the financial burden is not as much as before, there is still an increase in personal medical expenses. As a result, financial portfolios at this age should be in the form of low-risk assets, deposits, and debt instruments due to decreasing risk tolerance. It is necessary to make passive assets.

**Examples of investment portfolio simulations for each age range mentioned above are the preliminary investment planning guidelines only, which can be adjusted to be ideal for personal conditions, such as job – financial status, investment period, purposes, and expenses.


Reference: https://www.set.or.th/

Investment Portfolio Management with Investment Property

ความแตกต่าง Passive Income และ Active Income ต่างกันแค่ไหน แล้วคุณจะเลือกอะไร?

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